Please note that your goods, no matter how excellent it may be on the consumer characteristics may not like absolutely every potential buyer.Consumers differ significantly in their tastes, preferences and actual needs.Therefore, when choosing a strategy of market penetration with new product highlight for itself a clear target consumer group.
If your company is engaged in mass production, designed for a wide range of clients with an average income, use of mass marketing strategy.It involves the construction of a campaign in which the product information is brought to the widest possible range of customers.In the sphere of interests of the manufacturer inevi
tably fall and those groups which might not be interested in the products manufactured by you.The advantage of mass marketing is that it does not require a detailed study of the structure of demand in the consumer environment.
Use differentiated marketing strategy if you produce several kinds of products of the same type, distinguished by external features, design or packaging.The problem of commodity-differentiated marketing is to create a variety of consumer and consolidate the brand in the minds of potential customers.
With a limited advertising budget, prefer to target marketing.It involves preliminary separation market segments, the choice of the central (target) segments therein, and positioning of the goods.Segment the market is recommended by geographic, demographic and behavioral characteristics.Such a strategy would in the economical use of resources to target the part of the market that share common properties.
choosing a specific marketing strategy, keep in mind that it should be aimed not only to attract new customers, but also to retain the old ones.One way to retain customers is to offer a completely new and unusual methods of using a known product.