To start examined the difference between a professional psychotherapist from a psychologist.To become a therapist, you should have a medical degree and get the diploma in "psychiatry."Only in this way you will be able to treat psychosis.Then you, as a graduate of the medical school must undergo refresher courses and training in the institution, which serves psychologists.Typically, this is a training center at the University.Only then you can officially be called a psychotherapist and treat neuroses.
Way in a small business, a man who has all of the above certificates, open and simple.For the beginning of the le
ase itself room.On the very first vremyavy you can find room to rent hourly - it will help to save considerably.
then register as individual entrepreneurs, and deducted tax to the state.
Just do not forget the salary accountant, cash registers or accountable forms, computer cleaner, secretary on the phone and, of course, the design of the room.As practice shows, a novice psychologist has a month to 40 thousand rubles of net profit.The cost of his consultation hour from 500 to 800 rubles.Number of meetings with the client to the full resolution of its problems ranges from one to ten.
So do not be afraid of the additional costs should be enough for all.
Design your permanent office special attention.It should promote a psychological discharge of the patient - the corresponding colors, comfortable chairs, soft music - all you need to consider or to entrust execution of professional dizayneru.Esli correctly plan the business, having considered all the details, in the future you will be able to become the owner quite successful psychological cabinet .