Myths about Hercules

Like many other heroes of Greece, Heracles was the son of the god Zeus and Alcmene.To achieve Alcmene, Zeus took the form of her husband.The wife of Zeus, Hera took her husband's promise that a great king will be the one who will be born at a certain time.Although born at the appointed hour was it Hercules, Hera intervened in the process by which a cousin named Heracles Eurystheus was born earlier.Nevertheless, Zeus agreed with the hero, Hercules will not obey his cousin forever, but only twelve will fulfill his assignments.It is these acts, and later became famous 12 labors of Hercules. Ancient Greek myths attributed to Hercules variety of actions, from a march to the Argonauts built the city Gitiona with the god Apollo.

Hera Zeus could not forgive infidelity, but she snatched off his anger at Heracles.For example, it is send down to him madness and in a fit of Heracles killed their children, born the daughter of the king of Thebes, Megara.The prophetess of the temple of Apollo at Delphi said that a ransom for his terrible deed Hercules had run errands Eurystheus, who envied the strength of Hercules, and came up with a very complicated test.

painful death of the hero

For twelve years, Hercules consulted with all tasks cousin, received freedom.Further hero's life was too full of feats, the content and the amount of which depends on the authors' specific myths, as monuments of Greek mythology, quite a lot.

Most authors agree that, defeating Aheloy river god, Hercules has made hand Deyanira - daughter of Dionysus.Once Deianira Centaur Nessus kidnapped by her beauty.Ness transporting travelers across the turbulent river on his back, and when Hercules with Deyanira came to the river, the hero's wife planted on Centaur, while he went swimming.

Ness tried to escape with Deyanira on the back, but Hercules wounded him with an arrow poisoned with the world's strongest poison - bile Lernaean hydra, which killed during the second order Eurystheus.Ness, dying, advised Deianira to collect his blood, lying that it can be used as a love potion. Earlier arrow poisoned bile hydra, Hercules mortally wounded his teacher and friend centaur Chiron.

After a while Deianira learned that Hercules wanted to marry one of his captives.Ness blood-soaked coat, she sent it as a gift to her husband to return his love.Once Hercules put on the cloak, the poison got into his body, causing terrible suffering.

To get rid of suffering, Hercules pulls root trees, adding a huge bonfire of them, and lays down for firewood.According to legend, he agreed to set fire to the funeral pyre of the hero's best friend Philoctetes, for which Hercules promised him his bow and poisoned arrows.

believed that Hercules died at the age of fifty years after the death has been accepted among the immortals and ascended to Olympus, where, finally reconciled with Hera, and even married her daughter.