At the junction of the two disciplines that study the basic laws of nature, there is a science like biophysics , the main subject of the study is to regulate the physical, chemical and physical processes occurring in the human body, animals and rasteniy.Eta discipline in the process ofrequired for the development of a whole series of sub-sections.It happened because the study of the body should be needed at different levels, the only way to fully understand the laws of its structure.Molecular Biophysics investigates the processes that take place in molecules and cells of the sensory organs.Few people think about what is the work of the complex phenomena of the human body.It is this problem by scientists trying to, in particular, to understand, due to what actions might
taste perception, light and zapaha.Krome of its competence includes the study of photosynthesis in plants.Until now, the huge interest the processes occurring inside the leaves, which catch the sunlight and use it to recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen, thus being one of the major sources of air Zemle.Kletochnaya biophysicist has been studying the properties and rules of functioning of different cells -excretory, svetochuvstvennyh etc.A great step forward was the discovery of electron microscopes, which allowed scientists to delve into the study of cells.With their help, the scientists found that virtually all living organisms have biochemiluminescence - the ability to weak light.This is due to an intracellular lipid intensity level which can be regarded exchange reactions within the body, and as a consequence, to evaluate its physical relationship sostoyanie.Regulirovanie and organs in an organism studied biophysics management processes and regulation.Every second the brain receives a huge number of different signals not only from the external environment, but also from internal organs.This division biological physics is based on the laws that have come into the science of cybernetics.