essence of tangible and intangible world

all peoples at a certain stage of its development is divided into four main entities: water, earth, fire and air.But these materialistic substance is still not able to explain many things and events.The most important question could not explain from which any listed entity, from which all things happen, including intangible.There was not enough of another substance - combined and contrasted four named.This fifth essence - quinta essentia - should be the primary.She, unlike the first four - unchangeable, absolute and eternal. Quintessence, as an entity, is present in all cells and the things created by God.And the final product, the epitome of all things in the world - is a human.Here's the basic idea of ​​the overall
structure of the universe.

Estimated fifth essence, quinta essentia, was named ether.In ancient Greek philosophy understood under the ether element, an element of a subtlest.The fifth element of the ancient philosophy (Aristotle called it the first) is understood as a substance "firmament", only "superlunary world" space with all its luminaries inhabit and bearing their areas.

According to the doctrine developed in Plato's Academy, had Live corpuscular structure in the form of a regular dodecahedron.Later, Aristotle became interpreted as the quintessential immaterial substance, increasingly identifying it with the substance of the cosmic God and the soul.Later, there was the theory of a Universal Mind.

Quintessence reason

Mind - a philosophical category.The word "mind» (ratio - Latin), "to have the mind" refers to the ability to think, analyze, summarize and mental distractions.Reason - is a form of consciousness, directed at himself - consciousness in this world.Reason - the privilege of man, as a supreme being.But what is its essence?Where is the line between reasonable and unreasonable? wise to animals - this issue remains unresolved among scientists.But most of them still concurs that it is inherent in some higher mammals, such as chimpanzees, dolphins.

Scientists have long puzzled over the riddles of the mind.The predominant view today: the mind - a product of the brain.He kompyuteropodoben, algorithmic.But what is its quintessence?Maybe love?