All the water on the planet called the World Ocean, which, in turn, is divided into four other oceans: Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic and Indian.The very first was the open ocean Indian.Currently, he is considered to be the warmest water body on the planet.It is interesting that in the summer the water near its coasts are heated to 35 ° C.The area of ​​this ocean of 73 million square kilometers.By its size it is in third place, behind the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The waters of this reservoir is rich diversity of plant and animal organisms.Scientists believe the ocean special: the fact that it may change the water to flow in the opposite direction.This happens twice a year.Indian Ocean washes the shores of India, Australia, East Africa and Antarctica.
next opened the Atlantic Ocean.After Christopher Columbus tried to find a route to India, humanity has learned about a new large pond.They named it in honor of Atlanta - the Greek titan who, according to Greek mythology, was endowed with courage and an iron disposition.It should be noted that the ocean up to its name as the seasons behaves unpredictably.Atlantic area is 82 million square kilometers.Its maximum depth is considered to be a great depression, reaching 9218 meters!Curiously, across the middle of the pond stretches long and wide ridge.The waters of the Atlantic Ocean play an important role in the formation of weather in Europe.
Next in line was the Pacific Ocean.In fact, it got its name by the will of personal emotions.During the world tour on the reservoir navigator Magellan lucky with the weather - was complete calm and tranquility.That is what gave rise to this name of the water body.However, the Pacific is not as quiet as it seemed Magellan!Near the Japanese islands and the west coast of North America often arise tsunami, and the cause is - raging because of the high seismic activity of the Pacific Ocean.This reservoir is considered to be the largest in the world.Its area is 166 million square kilometers, and its water area covers nearly half the globe!The waters of this ocean is the territory from East Asia to the Americas, including the coast of Africa.
The smallest area, as well as the coolest and calmest ocean is considered the Arctic Ocean.The flora and fauna of the pond - a very rare phenomenon, because not every body can exist in such harsh conditions.This body of water washes the shores of Canada and Siberia.A distinctive feature of this ocean is that most of its water area is covered by glaciers, which does not fully explore the water body.Its greatest depth is a cavity height of 5000 meters.Even closer to Russian territory in the Arctic Ocean is continental shelf, which determines the depth of the coastal seas: the Chukchi, Kara, Barents Sea, the East Siberian and Laptev Sea.