Bordeaux liquid preparing simple enough.To make it, mix a solution of copper sulphate and lime solution.Remember that for the preparation of this fluid will only fit slaked lime.If you have at hand was the only commonly known, do not worry, make it a very easy hydrated.Just fill the semi-finished product is poured into an enamel or plastic containers with water at a ratio of 1 to 2, and leave it for several hours.
Now proportions during breeding.If you want to get a 1% Bordeaux liquid , dissolved in a small amount of warm water 100 grams of vitriol.It is also recommended to carry o
ut the dissolution in a plastic, enamel or glass container, but not metal.After the copper sulfate dissolved completely, bring the total volume of liquid to 5 liters, simply by adding the required amount of water is already cold.
Take the second container and dilute it 100 grams of slaked lime, also using 5 liters of water.You will get a white liquid , which is called milk of lime.Be sure to strain it using enamel or plastic bowl with a capacity of not less than 12 liters.
of strained milk of lime in a thin stream, pour the solution of copper sulfate, stirring constantly liquid .Be sure to watch out for, so that during mixing the two stock solutions were the same temperature and cold.
After cooking, check the acidity of the medium resulting liquid Bordeaux.To do this, immerse the knife.If it is covered with patches of reddish copper, then the solution is acidic environment, and its use is not recommended because the plants from such fluids can cause burns.To make the level of acidity of the liquid more neutral, add the milk of lime.The resulting solution was used immediately after its preparation, or it will lose all of their useful properties during storage.