you need
  • - the mass of the solute;
  • - the mass of the solution.
Mass fraction, it is the concentration of interest - a dimensionless quantity, which is the ratio of the mass of the solute to the total weight of the liquid.Most often it is expressed as a percentage, what you need to multiply the resulting ratio of one hundred.In a formula percentage concentration can be written in the following way: ω = m in the islands / m r-ra * 100%.The first value is the mass of the substance, and the second - the mass of the entire solution.
often in the tasks given percentage concentration of a substance, based on which, you want to find a lot of substance or weight of the solution.Make it very simple, just need to convert the or
iginal formula.To determine the mass of matter it will be the following: m in the islands = m r-ra * ω / 100.The weight of the solution can be found as follows: divide the mass of matter in the interest concentration and multiply the result by one hundred.Unit weight of substance and weight of the solution - program.
To determine the concentration of interest if a solution was obtained using crystalline, you should use a different algorithm solutions.Crystalline structure is Me: (x) K-ta (y) * nH2O.The condition of the problem, which appears hydrated, should provide information on the mass of the crystalline and dry mass of metal-X-acid-y.In this case, the percentage concentration of the bulk solution will be multiplied by the molar mass of crystalline divided by the weight of crystalline, multiplication coefficient dry matter and with a molar mass of dry matter.