you need
  • tester, speedometer, radar, stopwatch
To determine the power consumption of any electrical device, connect the parallel tester, turn the device into a network with a sourceand measure the current consumed him volts.Then switch the tester to measure the current and connect it in series with the device.Measure the strength of the current in the circuit in amps.Calculate the power consumption by finding the product of the voltage on the strength of the current P = U * I.The results were obtained in watts.
If you need to measure the power of the electric motor, the current strength measured on each winding separately, and then add the results.Further procedure is the same.
If you know the electrical resistance of the device, as well as the nominal voltage at which she works, then calculate its power, no measuring.To do this, divide the square of the rated voltage on the resistance of the device P = U² / R.The result is a nominal wattage.
In the process of the internal combustion engine of a vehicle reduces its power (wear).To find it, determine the technical documentation of the mass of the vehicle.Fill in a certain amount of fuel, finding it a lot in advance.Weigh the driver who will carry out the test.Find the total weight of the vehicle, fuel and driver.
Acceleration in the shortest possible period of time of up to 72 or up to 108 km / h (depending on the characteristics of the car).Output controls or by using an accurate speedometer or a special radar.At the same time measure the time for which was produced by overclocking.Find the power of the vehicle by multiplying the total weight by the square of the velocity, dividing the result by 2, and the acceleration P = m * v² / (2 * t).The speed of the calculations take 20 m / s to 72 km / h and 30 m / s to 108 km / h.
order to transfer power, lodged in horsepower to watts, multiply that number by 735. To convert the result in kilowatts, divide it by 1000.