you need
  • - nitric acid
  • - hydrochloric acid
Examine the product, consisting of a copper alloy and silver.This may be a piece of jewelry, glassware, coins, body parts.To start, determine whether there is in the product copper.The copper is not magnetic, but it is an excellent conductor of electricity.Houses, for example, can be detected in conventional copper wire conductors or radio details.So:
Take copper products.
Clean product from the oxides and carefully Wash it with warm water and alkali.Then rinse with plain water.
Determine silver .For this
buy "Chrompick" - a special agent for silver.For sale in specialized stores for jewelers.If the metal - silver , the reagent reacts orange.
Determine silver possible and another way.
Prepare the following mixture: 1 part of nitric acid and 1 part of potassium dichromate.Moisten with the mixture defined place.It must acquire a red color if the material contains not less than 0.3 of silver.
Branch copper from silver.
Fill the product with nitric acid (10%).It should be dissolved completely.You obtain a solution containing copper and silver salts.
now separate the copper from the silver simply, evaporate the solution;the resulting powder was calcined (to be expedient to perform this process in a porcelain dish);cool it;dissolve in ordinary distilled water (two parts).To give a solution which contains silver nitrate, it is necessary to remove it from the precipitate.
Restore from the salts metallic silver .
separate the copper from the silver, and can be as follows: dissolve the silver-copper products in nitric acid by adding hydrochloric acid.
Next silver chloride (precipitated), rinse with water and restore from it silver using zinc and dilute hydrochloric acid.