Remember once and for all, that continuity, as well as general resistance measurement, in contrast to the current and voltage measurement is always carried out when the power is off the chain.Even if the current in the circuit voltage safe for humans, they can damage the unit, and if it is safe for him - to distort the measurement results.
Discover device unit, a dial chain where you are going to perform.Perhaps it contains capacitors which continue to store the charge and after de-energizing.A method of secure discharge depends on the capacity and voltage to which they were charged during operation.Note that even after the discharging effected, touching parts of the device is possible since the capacitor voltage voltmetrom.Uchtite verified that some devices di
scharge the capacitor can, for example, to stop the internal clock or erase non-volatile RAM.
Learn how to transfer the meter mode and display an ohmmeter measurement limit.How to do this described in the instructions to the device.If it is digital, too much resistance is generally indicated by the numeral 1 in the most significant digit, and the remaining bits of extinction, or the letters "OL"(overload).In pointer instrument with too much resistance shooter simply otklonitsya.Esli selected sound continuity, while resisting the chain of less than 50 ohms (for most instruments) signal sounds.
We pointer instrument after each shift limits expose ohmmeter zero.Close the test leads together, then turning the knob align the arrow with the end of the scale (for scale ohmmeter it will be the beginning).
Note the location of the positive and negative probes from the instrument in ohmmeter.In digital devices, it is usually the same as in the mode of the voltmeter and ammeter, while the turnout in the transition mode ohmmeter probes switch roles.Check whether this is for a particular model of the device, it is possible by means of a diode having a marking.
sure to find out from the instruction to the device to which it is necessary to connect the probes jacks after switching to an ohmmeter.
If the circuit under test in parallel, there are other, their conductivity can distort the results, temporarily disable them before measuring.Then do not forget to connect them back.
If chain should change resistance when changing the polarity, connect it to an ohmmeter alternately in the same polarity, then the other.Make sure the chain or some of its elements, such as a diode actually has this property.