you need
  • normal radio, indicator screwdriver, hand the analyzer electromagnetic field.
improvised best "catcher" of electromagnetic radiation is a normal radio, it is best that one of the cheapest models.They respond best to electromagnetic interference.The antenna of the receiver tighten the noose of wire or wire (radius of at least 20 centimeters), rebuild the radio frequency where there is no translation and walk around the house, listen to how the sound changes.Where sound distortion can be heard most clearly, there is electromagne
tic radiation is stronger.
You can try to make the process of finding strong electromagnetic fields more visible.Go to a large electronics store and ask where the indicator screwdriver.There are two types of screwdrivers, take the one which is integrated LED and three small batteries.Usually they are red.House Hold a screwdriver to turn the unit on any one, swipe along the wires (even if they are mounted on the wall) - the intensity of the light from the screwdriver, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation.
Since electromagnetic radiation is measured in numbers improvised means is not possible, using special devices.If your friends are working in organizations for the protection of labor certification or Sanitary Inspection Service, you can try to ask them for a special device, which will show you the strength of the electromagnetic field.It is called the Hand Analyzer electromagnetic field.The instrument is capable of measuring the level of electromagnetic radiation most common frequencies.Turn on the device and turn tracking mode that you require frequencies.Since follow all the indications at the same time it is impossible to activate the recording mode measurements, then see them on the computer.Units of radiation also set up on their own - the usual "volts per meter" to "microwatts per square centimeter."