Tip 1: Why blood dark

Blood , which flows through the arteries and veins, contains a large number of different cells that perform specific functions and are responsible for its color. Blood can be dark red or have a lighter shade.All this is due to several reasons.
present in the blood protein called hemoglobin.It contains iron and is in the red blood cells - red blood cells.This is a prerequisite for the transfer of oxygen to body cells and hence maintain its life.That red blood cells give blood red.Outside the red blood cells hemoglobin can bind oxygen only under the influence of enzymes.Hemoglobin helps transport oxygen from the lungs to the various organs and tissues.The difference in color is due to uneven blood oxygen content in its kletkah.Odnim type of vessels are arteries.They carry blood from the heart to the lungs and other organs and tissues of the body.This oxygenated blood, which in turn combines with hemoglobin, the blood gives a bright red color.Arterial blood is distributed through the capillaries and sm
all blood vessels with thin walls, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the rest Klenk organizma.Produktom exchange, which is produced by cells, is carbon dioxide.It enters the bloodstream through the capillary walls.From the capillaries carbonated blood enters the veins, which are another type of blood vessels.After the vein blood gets to the lungs and heart.Dark red, almost burgundy color of blood due to the fact that it lacks oxygen.In addition, the red blood cells decrease in size and lose their bright color saturated.When the blood reaches the lungs, carbon dioxide penetrates therein.At this point, the brain receives a signal that has accumulated in the lung carbon dioxide, brain gives a command to exhale, and all the carbon dioxide released into the air.Then the man takes a breath, blood is oxygenated again and the process starts again.

Tip 2: Ochego appear dark circles under the eyes

Some diseases can manifest itself not only poor health, but also a variety of rashes on the body or change in color of skin.It is important to note these changes and seek professional help.
Causes of dark circles under the eyes

Why the skin around the eyes

dark skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate.It is riddled with lots of capillaries through which blood flows.As a result of rupture of the tiny blood vessels follows.Because of the release of the body from the blood spilled and there are dark circles.The structure includes a blood hemoglobin in the oxidation process it breaks down into smaller components and acquires a purple or blue color.The same process occurs after the impact, when there was a bruise.

reasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes

An allergic reaction can cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.When watering and itchy eyes, impossible to resist and not to scratch them.Due to constant rubbing and damage occurs capillaries, which entails such effects.

Argued that fatigue, lack of sleep, over-voltage can be suitably transform the look.But this way of life is not the cause of the black community, it only makes the skin pale, which further emphasizes the black under the eyes.But poor diet, lack of vitamins and lack of rest together can negatively affect the skin around the eyes.

talking with the man always looks him in the eye.Spotted black circles at the interlocutor, I was impressed about it.One gets the feeling that he is something sick.It may be so.Violation of kidney function, heart disease, lack of oxygen can affect the color of the skin around the eyes.To fix this, do not help cosmetic procedures, it is necessary to cure the disease. In the event of under-eye dark spots, you must see a doctor to determine the cause.Perhaps this is the first sign of serious illness.

Blame can be old age, which does not spare anyone.The skin becomes thinner, the blood vessels become more visible.The older a person gets, the more aggravated by the process.Identifying the cause of dark circles under the eyes of a doctor can diagnose a lack of iron in the blood. To increase the level of iron in the blood, you should eat right, eat more to eat fresh fruit, vegetables and natural juices.

Particular care is necessary to follow the vision, the eyes and the condition of their skin to the people working on the computer a lot.Strong Eye Strain - the reason for the appearance of under-eye circles.