you need
  • - electric motor;
  • - Tester;
  • - conductors.
The standard motor is three winding .Take a tester, set it to operate as an ohmmeter and check the resistance between terminals.If the findings do not belong to the same winding, the resistance between them will approach infinity, if one winding, the tester will show some resistance.Mark couple of conclusions that go on one winding.Then connect the three coil series and connect to a power supply, a voltage of 220 V.
At the same time, connect the tester in parallel with each of the three windings, and measure the voltage on it.If all winding connected consistently, ie end of the first winding attached to the top of the second winding
, and second end to the beginning of the third, but in each of the windings tester will show the same voltage.If one of the winding voltage is greater than the other two, then reverse its findings, it is connected properly.After that, each of the relevant conclusions hang tag.
Find the beginning and end of winding can be another way.To do this, define contacts each of the windings, as described in the preceding paragraph using the tester.Consistently connect two arbitrary winding , and the third plug tester in voltmeter mode.In the United winding post alternating voltage.If they are connected properly, ie end of the first winding aligned with the beginning of the second, but the tester registers the emergence of the third winding voltage.If the tester did not show the presence of voltage, change the conclusions of one of the coils connected in series and empty again on them to control alternating current.If a third winding voltage does not appear, the motor is defective.
After two arbitrary winding agreed, connect the third winding in series with a consistent and connect to another tester.Again, do the operation on the definition of the strike and the end of the winding, but in this case, if the voltage across the winding does not appear, then reverse the conclusions inconsistent winding .