you need
  • - dry ammonium nitrate (or sulfamic acid and 73% nitric acid th);
  • - laboratory devices for carrying out chemical tests;
  • - electric heater with adjustable temperature.
For nitrous oxide necessary chemical laboratory and strict compliance with the conditions of chemical reactions, because this process can be deadly.Prepare laboratory conditions depending on the method of obtaining the so-called nitrogen oxide .
The most common method of producing N2O - thermal decomposition of dry ammonium nitrate.At home, the nitrogen oxide, di can be obtained by heating dry ammonium nitrate electric heaters.Ammonium nitrate is
- this is the ammonium nitrate used to manufacture explosives.In this regard, the heating temperature should not exceed 270 degrees Celsius, or during a chemical reaction occurs explosion.Organize the process of heating dry ammonium nitrate with access, cooling and collection colorless gas.The capacity of this gas will accumulate desired N2O.
second way to produce N2O - heating sulfamic acid with 73% th nitric acid in similar conditions to the first embodiment.This method is called more convenient for the industrial production of nitrous oxide , but less suitable for the home environment.The fact that the sulfamic acid causes burns to skin and mucous membranes, and nitric acid, and its vapors are very harmful: Couple cause respiratory irritation, and she leaves the acid on the skin ulcers.