you need
  • Iodine lyapisny pencil
If you intend to buy products from silver via the Internet, in many ads for the sale, you may meet the abbreviation "silver."This is no perceptible reduction usually means that the product silvered, i.e. a metal substrate coated with a layer of silver.The above reduction gives unscrupulous sellers the chance to sell inexperienced in these matters buyer silvered thing is the price of silver.Be careful.
on a variety of network flea market some sellers intentionally written at the beginning of the name of the product « silver », but upon closer inspection it turns out that silver is only a cover.As justification sellers explain that the reference to silver in title only detects whether the product in
the category of products containing silver .Therefore, when the bidding do not hesitate to ask clarifying questions.
Pay attention to the markings made in foreign languages.Another trick sellers is that the name of the material from which the manufactured product is "silver pl."or "silver plated"."Silver" actually translates to "silver », but in combination with the word "plated" means "covered with silver m" (metal base with silvering).
If attached to the Product Photo unbranded Assay Office, ask the seller to new photos.The best way to establish the authenticity of silverware - see it in addition to the stigma of a brand manufacturer certifying that the product is made of silver.
Visual inspection of the product pay attention to the convexity of the subject and its curves.Since in such places thing often subjected to mechanical stress, under the top layer of the tread may be of a metal color and shade.
Strip small surface layers of the product and place it in the drip iodine.Under the influence of sunlight dark silver (from the murky yellowish film to black).
Apply verifiable product line lyapisnym tiny pencil.Silver should become cloudy, and any copper compound (bronze, brass, nickel silver) rapidly turn black.A place where you carried out the sample after the experiment will need to be polished.