Vasco da Gama - the famous explorer from Portugal for the first time paving the sea route to India from Europe.By the beginning of the organization of its first expedition had already been explored by the Portuguese access to the Indian Ocean through the southern tip of Africa, but it was impossible to go further.Swim to the coast of the Indian first managed to Vasco da Gama;thus he paved the way to the oriental spices and other goods the eastern countries, giving rise to their colonization by Europeans.

first trip to India

future explorer born between 1460th and 1469th years in g.Sinish.Vasco de Gama came up from the well-known noble family, and grew up, as it is now told in a wealthy family - his father served as a judge, a steward of two cities
: Sines and Silves.With Vasco da Gama youth involved in maritime affairs and managed to excel in combat operations against the French.This is partly why King Manuel l invited him to lead the way across the Indian Ocean to India, which at that time was considered a country rich in spices and gold.

In 1497, the year on July 7, navigator in the squadron (4 ships) set sail from the port of Lisbon.By November he had rounded the Cape of Good Hope, Africa.In the parking lot to the captain had come to sink into disrepair transport - left three ships.Further stop - in the port of Mozambique.Here sailors nearly killed - by the "infidels" tried to attack a local sheikh (of the Arabs).Similarly, the sailors met at another port - Mombasa.However, the third time the Portuguese lucky - the third ruler of the town, Malindi, turned out to be the ruler, needs allies and feuded with the sheikhs of Mozambique and Mombasa.Mariners gave provisions and provided the pilot is already floating in India.The Indian g.Kalikuta Vasco da Gama was 05/28/1498 At first he was greeted with full honors, however, slander Arabs, who saw in the European competition, the Portuguese were treated worse.As a result, he was forced to get out.

second trip

At this time the king sent twenty ships, which led Vasco da Gama.The expedition sailed in 1502, the year of the 10th of February.Along the way a navigator destroyed Arab Court, acting decisively, brutally.Upon arriving in Calicut (now Kolkata), the Portuguese ordered to fire on the city.The local ruler fled;- His attempt to break the Fleet Vasco da Gama using Arab failed.As a result, the second voyage of Vasco da Gama successfully returned home laden with spices and other goods from the East.Later a brave Portuguese monarch gave his recommendations how best to colonize India.For some time, Portugal was fully mistress of the Indian Ocean.Later, however, its position had been lost, and India captured the UK.