in a warm room (with a positive temperature) mist over almost any solid surface, brought by a frost (negative temperature).In this case, what happens is that in physics is called a "process of condensation."This temperature difference leads to subsidence of warm moisture in the environment.That is, the transition from the gaseous water in the liquid state.Thus formed on the surface of glass beads vody.K factors which affect the fogging of glasses can also be considered: 1.High sweating body, depending on individual physiological characteristics cheloveka.2.High humidity of the surrounding space, which is very noticeable, for example, plyazhe.3.Incorrectly matched to the shape of the face and skull structure rim glasses.If glasses
poorly ventilated, it will increase the humidity in the space between the face and windows that lead to zapotevaniyu.Dlya combat fogging glasses Try one or more of the tips: 1.Improve the ventilation system, cut out the holes in the frame or the gasket with the holes in the rim of the points of contact with the person.2. From time to time, wipe the lenses with ammonia or soapy water, but do not touch them with your fingers ruk.3.Inhale the nose, mouth and exhale.It will also reduce the concentration of fumes near linz.4.Wipe the glass glitserinom.5.Apply a thin layer of the lens soap and wipe flannel.Or, apply shaving gel glasses and let dry, then wipe with a soft and nevorsinchatoy tkanyu.6.Use special sports gels and aerosols (Antifog), which can be bought in a sports magazine.Ochki in the pool (as well as all sports points , tight to the skin) may also sweat.Here in the "game" against you turns on several factors.In the basin cools the outer surface, while inside the humidity generated from the breath and perspiration.Ventilate well points swimming impossible.To prevent fogging glasses in the swimming pool, besides the already mentioned methods, it is necessary: ​​1.Right to wear glasses .It is not necessary to put them on top of the eyebrows.Gum should not be behind the ears and on zatylke.2.Use points based on microporous as prokladki.3.Rinse Cola glasses and wipe, or just rub each glass iznutri.5 saliva.Enjoy sports glasses with special coating from fogging.