innovative city that Gazprom intends to build on the scale is expected to be less than Skolkovo.The center will carry out works to improve the technical component in the gas industry.This decision was taken due to the fact that to produce fuels is becoming increasingly difficult.Among the places that Gazprom looks to build the center, the main town of Troitsk, near Moscow takes.

With Innovation gas company will be able to compete with other gas producing countries, as well as increase the profitability and efficiency of many projects.In this regard will be made internal restructuring: for example, between departments monopolisa planned for the redistribution of functions.So, if earlier part of the sci
entific monopoly engaged in the strategic development department, but now it will be in charge of the Department of perspective development.

Moreover, Troitsk, where the headquarters of Gazprom, will be set up special centers, which will begin to develop innovation in the field of transportation of natural gas and will be engaged in projects related industries.These centers will have at regional and universal significance.

should be noted that Gazprom has long had its own scientific and technical complex, which consists of several institutions.They all work in different segments of the gas industry, developing technology to meet its specificity.However, plans to create a state concern strengthening the innovation component of gas production and transportation.

Perhaps Gazprom in scientific and technical terms overtake even the "Skolkovo", located at the beginning of an innovative way, as concern purposefully engaged in the research, development and engineering works.The company has the development of the regional direction of pipework systems, Gazprom can influence the increase in activities of scientific and technical institutions, organized engineering structures.