you need
  • you need scales, table density of matter, measuring cylinder, caliper, measuring tape.
To determine weight metal measure its mass, then the resulting value multiply by 9.81 (the acceleration of gravity).The mass of metal to measure weight in kilograms ah.If the product is too bulky and heavy, calculate its mass.
To do this, define the material from which made the body and find its density in a special table.Then find the volume of a metal object.For each form, a technique of its definition varies.
If the object is a box, measure the length, height and width, then multiply these values.This will be the
amount of the metal body.In that case, if the body is a cube, one simple measure of its edges, lift and the value obtained in the third degree.
If the body has a cylindrical shape, measure the diameter and length of the cylinder.To find its volume, lift the diameter squared, multiply it by the length of the cylinder, the number 3.14 and divide by 4, V = 3,14 • d² • l / 4.
Another popular form given metal bodies - trumpet.Measure the length of the pipe tape and its outer diameter of the caliper.Calculate the volume of a cylinder.Then, measure the inside diameter and calculate the volume of a cylinder.Then, from a larger volume, subtract the smaller.This will be the amount of the metal of the tube.
To find the volume of the metal body of irregular shape, dip it into the water and measure with a measuring cylinder volume of water displaced.It will be equal to the claim.
resulting volume multiply by the density of the metal , the result will be a lot of the metal body.If the volume is measured in cubic meters, use the density in kilograms per cubic meter when in cubic centimeters or milliliters, in grams per cubic centimeters.Accordingly, the weight or get in kilograms or grams.