you need
  • - Styrofoam float with a load;
  • - a permanent magnet;
  • - reed;
  • - gauge;
  • - rake.
water level rack to make a direct rail desired length, preferably of light and durable metal (duralumin suit), and apply it to the scale of the required scale division with the help of roulette.Immerse dry rail into the water until it reaches the bottom, on the wet part, determine where she was staying, and calculate water level.
water level micro to put on the surface of the water float with a load sufficient to its weight could affect the m
icro button.To attach the upper part of the hard metal rod, and to it - a rocker arm mounted on a fixed part of the receptacle.The second end thereof and shall operate on the switch.When lowering the water level rises and the rocker arm presses on micro - signal sounds.It is possible to connect the pump button which is to pump water into the reservoir.When picked up, you can make the circuit outflow of excess water by pressing the button.
Determination of liquid level gauge Attach the bottom of the tank gauge.Depending on the liquid level, it will show a different pressure.Prograduiruyte it in meters, and brush up on the device to determine the liquid level.If the gauge electrical, automation can be connected.
reed liquid level in the hollow tube, set several reed switches by connecting them to a power supply.On the tube put a ring magnet on the float.When the liquid level will change and move the magnet on the float will close certain reed switch.The more the reed - the more sensitive the sensor.