you need
  • - quartz resonator;
  • - frequency counter or an oscilloscope;
  • - radio;
  • - Tester;
  • - accessories for soldering;
  • - bare copper wire (preferably silver plated);
  • - superregenerative receiver.
Collect one of the proposed schemes.As an indicator of generation to the output of the generator, connect measuring device provided with a simple point-detector semiconductor diode.If there is a diode rectifier unit head, use it.This may be a tester valve voltmeter, etc.By pointer deflection device can judge the occurrence of generation.With the same purpose, you can use the oscilloscope.It will be even more evident.The emergence of the generation of evidence of health of the quartz resonator.
Collect one of the proposed standard schemes
If you want to know the resonant frequency of the quartz resonator, connect to the generator output frequency counter or oscilloscope.The latter gives an opportunity to determine the frequency with Lissajous figures.Note that quartz may be driven both at the fundamental frequency and at harmonics thereof.
If you do not require a high measuring accuracy, you can use homemade resonance wavemeter.It is a simple crystal set, which, instead of the phone is on a dial gauge, and the variable capacitor is provided with a scale indicating the frequency.At the outlet of the generator in this case must be an inductor consisting of multiple turns of bare copper wire.On the occurrence of resonance you will be judged by the maximum pointer deflection resonance wavemeter, and on the frequency - the scale setting of the variable capacitor.The resonance wavemeter, you must first calibrate on any exact source of radio signals.Coils of the oscillating circuit can be interchangeable for different tuning ranges.
determine the performance and the approximate resonant frequency of the quartz resonator can be another way.To connect the terminals of the resonator small coupling coil.It consists of 2-5 turns of bare, and preferably silver plated copper wire.Bring it to an oscillating circuit operates superregenerative receiver.Adjust the condenser circuit of the receiver so that the noise superizatsii headphones completely disappeared.In this case, your receiver will be tuned to the resonance frequency of the quartz resonator or to one of its harmonics.This method gives high measurement accuracy.But it allows you to judge the performance of the quartz resonator.