Gold - a soft yellow metal.The metal is heavy enough, and at the same time kovok.For example, 1 gram of gold can be pulled superfine wire which will stretch as much as 3 kilometers, or to make the foil thickness smaller than a human hair is 500 times.But Home Loan matter of this article.
In the land of gold content in its pure form is very low.Scientists have found a fact that if gold sprinkle evenly in the crust, then a ton of land could be allocated only 2 grams of gold.In the water, too little gold.
mine gold in different ways.But methods of extracting gold (both industrial and non-industrial) are based on its physical and chemical properties.
Flushing - the most common way.Based on a high-density metal.While other metals
are washed with water and sand, gold is deposited directly into the tray.Gold Panning - this is a very long and tedious process, so it is widely used basically in developing countries.On the other hand, this method appeared first.It does not require any financial investments.
Amalgamation.This production method is based on the ability to easily enter into the mercury compound with gold.For that gold ore is crushed, and then there are added mercury.It turns amalgam (a mixture of mercury, heavy metals).Then this mixture is treated in a special way, extracting gold with mercury compounds and separating them.A good method, but it requires the presence of expensive reagents and equipment.Furthermore, mercury vapor is toxic.
Cyanidation based on the ability of the hydrocyanic acid and its salts dissolve gold in itself.Delve into chemistry will not, because this method is definitely not "threaten" ordinary lone prospectors.We can only add that gold can be dissolved even "aqua regia", a mixture of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids.
There are a number of ways, such as regeneration and others, but these methods involve mostly expensive experiments with chemicals.It turns out that the gold mine, we can only old-fashioned way: sitting on a stone with a tray in his hands and alluvium gold bit by bit.