Tip 1: Where do all rivers flow

River - this is life.Since ancient times people settled along the banks of rivers and streams feed the river with and sang it in his songs.Rivers - this way: alluring, beckoning, and putting out to the ocean expanses.
Every big river and a small creek has its source - the source.It may be a little soft spot in the hills, from which flows a trickle.Along the way, rolling it down to join other such streams, they are fed by melted snow and rain water and gradually turning into a river, becoming full-flowing.Many rivers originate in the mountains by the melting of glaciers and ice caps.The most affluent are in the middle of summer in the period of maximum solar activity.There river , arising from other, larger.Although, as a rule, river sleeves - it tributaries.Some river flow from the overcrowded lakes.An example of this is the Neva, majestically flowing through St. Peterburg.Vse river , obeying the law of gravity, tend to down the terrain.Moreover, the two are not located so far from one anothe
r river can flow in the opposite direction, repeating meanders available relief.River flowing from north to south and from south to north, from east to west and vice versa.But all of them, except for the desert rivers that may get lost in the end, in the hot sands, bring their water into large lakes, seas or directly okeany.Takim way to do great worldwide circulation of water on Earth.Water evaporating from the surface of the oceans, falls as rain in various parts of the world, giving rise to streams and feeding the river have formed .All river over washed out of the way of the banks and bottom of the bed of the various salts and trace elements, and carry them into the ocean.Here, it becomes a building material and forms the basis for education, the revival and continuation Zhizni.Reki - a transport artery, allowing cargo and passenger ships from the depths of the continent to go directly to the sea and oceans.River with the water carry the romance of distant travels and called restless heart further and further beyond the horizon.

Tip 2: Why the rivers flow

River - the "moving" type reservoir of all their diversity represented on our planet.Water in rivers is in constant motion: sometimes - rough and rapid, and sometimes - a marked instrument.Constant movement Rivers explained by natural laws of physics.
Why the rivers flow
The answer lies in the substance filling the river - in the water.The natural properties of water, as well as any liquid is fluidity.Fluidity, in turn, dictated by the attractive forces of the planet (eg in the weightless state the water is not flowing, and adopts a spherical form).The strength of the Earth's gravity causes water tech.Primerno 70% of the surface of our planet is covered with water, of which about 67% comes from the oceans.The level of the oceans is considered the starting point of any measurement of the height of land, because the overwhelming majority are not occupied by the Earth's surface is ocean above this level (the height of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world is 8848 meters above sea level).It is for the land surface (and sometimes under the surface) flow all known river .Otpravnoy point in the movement of any River is its source.It can be different: a spring, lake, marsh or other body of water other.Completes its way into the mouth of the river, which may be an ocean, sea, lake or another river.The distance between the source and the mouth may be from a few tens of meters to thousands of kilometers (the length of the Amazon - the longest river - about 7000 km.).The principle of the movement of the water mass in the river lies in the fact that the source is always above the mouth, and the difference can be very significant.Obeying the laws of flow and the Earth's gravity, the water will roll down from a higher point down until it reaches the minimum allowable height - his mouth.I should say that the water is not all rivers end up in the oceans, such as the Volga River flows into the Caspian Sea - absolutely isolated water system, which, however, is even lower than the global level: 28 metrov.Nesmotrya the enormous amount of total runoffoceans do not overflow and river not become shallow, as they lost the water returns to the roots through the rain, the main source of which is just the oceans and seas - the so-called water cycle prirode.Techenie like river run-off water in the waterSlides water park, but the process is much more stretched for time and space standards, and therefore visually identify it can be very difficult.