Phosphorus is found in foods of both animal and vegetable origin.Many of phosphorus available in the green parts of plants, seeds and fruits, animal tissues.It is included in most animal tissues, as well as human.
Phosphorus is a vital macrocell.Without it, the formation is complete audio tissue in the body does not occur, no process.In the body, it is contained in the form of phosphoric acid and its connections - phosphate.
main percentage of phosphorus contained in bone quality parameters which directly depends on the availability of the body phosphorus.Phosphorus is needed to build muscle, it also is an intensive process of phosphorus metabolism.Also, phosphorus is needed for the formation of brain tissue.
Phosphorus is involved in the formation of lecithin, needed f
or the construction of cellular and meninges.Therefore, without it costing the processes of formation and cell regeneration of nerve cells.Phosphorus compounds play an important role in the maintenance of acid-base balance.
Phosphorus is part of the lipids that support nutrients in a liquid state for their free movement across cell membranes.
achieve the desired amount of phosphorus in the body with the help of his isolated reception is not so simple, because the shortage of some other compounds begins the process of active excretion.In particular, it is necessary to obtain sufficient protein intake.
Phosphorus is involved in protein and carbohydrate metabolism.It promotes better absorption of many vitamins.
Phosphorus is part of a number of other compounds, the key for the functioning of the body.It nucleotides, nucleic acids, phospholipids, phosphoric esters, coenzymes.Nucleic acids are responsible for the storage and transmission of genetic information.
phosphorus atoms have the ability to form bonds in various compounds.The phosphorus compound ATP - the basis of all processes in the body.Without phosphorus possible energy transfer and storage of genetic information.
amount of phosphorus in the body is reduced by an excess of aluminum, iron and magnesium.Also elevated levels of hormones such as corticosteroids and thyroxine.Positively phosphorus bound with calcium, they reinforce each other's effect.
phosphorus deficiency is manifested by general weakness, pain, bone pain, mental disorders.