main problem for designers of petrol engines has always been the spontaneous ignition of gasoline.Normal speed of the flame front during combustion does not exceed 30 m / s, at a self-ignition, it can reach 2500 m / s.This enormous amount of energy is released.The heat balance in the engine is broken, its power falls, and it quickly breaks down.

invention Americans

In 1921, the American scientist Thomas Midgley discovered that tetraethyl lead, a toxic organometallic compound, can significantly increase the resistance of even the cheapest gasoline to spontaneous combustion.This discovery is of interest to the three largest US corporations: General Motors, Standart Oil and DuPont.Together, they built a factory where produce tetraethyl lead.

This substance is very
poisonous.It evaporates even at 0C.Getting inside the body, it causes damage to the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex.Penetrate into the human body and can tetraethyl through intact skin.Poisoning is accompanied by terrifying hallucinations and panic attacks.

Despite the danger of production, the factory he worked for many years.During this time, dozens of people died.The lead content in the blood of all the inhabitants of the United States in 1978, even higher than normal.Only 16 years later, a terrible production was closed by the courts on the initiative of the American agency for environmental protection.

Leaded gasoline

With tetraethyl profits of the largest corporations of America have increased by hundreds of times.Company substantial savings in raw material, since you can just add tetraethyl lead to a cheap and low-quality gasoline to get analogue expensive - leaded gasoline.

He is dangerous and almost as poisonous as tetraethyl lead.For this reason it was banned in all developed countries.In contemporary America or Europe left gas stations where there is leaded petrol.In Russia, they are not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow.The danger is that the difference between leaded petrol from the qualitative to the eye impossible.

danger of leaded gasoline to fuel cars has led to what has been invented biogasoline.It instead tetraethyl added ethyl alcohol.This poison is not able to accumulate in the body, and its decomposition products are harmless.Such fuel is now used in Germany and Finland.