ancient plants sesame

geography, as well as the exact time of origin of sesame belonging to the oldest plants still have not been clarified.The most likely origin of African scientists believe the plants, because it is on this continent today for the majority of species of wild sesame.We only know that the cultivation of sesame culture began long before our era.And it happens in South-West Asia.Then sesame culture became known in ancient Greece and Rome, spread to Mesopotamia and India.In China sesame came with the beginning of our era.

Attention to sesame crops not explain how much food needs in sesame oil, as the fact that sesame oil since ancient times been used as oil for lamps.

appearance and behavior

Sesame - herbaceous tropical plant that grows up to two meters, the fastest growing, with a growing period of two
to five months.Stem erect the plant, covered with hairs on it is dissected into shares or lanceolate leaves.The fruit is a box of sesame length of about four centimeters, which contains seeds.When ripe, capsule cracking is revealed with a loud click, and out poured sesame seeds.Ripen on the plant sesame boxes at different times.Therefore, sesame seeds are harvested by hand in several stages.

Use sesame

dried seed has an oval shape and a size of about three millimeters.It contains 25% protein and 65% of essential oils.The composition of sesame seeds: glycerides of oleic, palmitic, linoleic and other acids.They also contain amino acids, vitamins C and E, pectins and gums, mucilages, organic acids, proteins, carbohydrates and soluble phytosterol.

Sesame seeds have a tonic and anti-aging effect.Sesame oil has hemostatic, inflammatory and laxative properties, and promotes hematopoiesis.It is applied to burns, boils and ulcers, mixing with water mixed with lime.

good for the body tahini sesame seed paste.This is a real godsend for those who want a natural way to increase the level of calcium in the body.Sesame - a leader in the calcium content of all plant foods.100 g of seeds contains a daily rate required person after 30 years.

seeds and sesame oil are not recommended at an elevated blood clotting, varicose veins and thrombosis.