Which environmental factors are sensitive plant roots

Plant roots are sensitive to the earth's gravity, contained in the soil moisture and minerals, as well as the distribution of oxygen.Thus, for the root systems are characterized by geological, chemo-, hydro and aerotropism.

by gravity root usually grows down, no matter how or arrange rooting shoots of germinating seeds.If you plant a seedling horizontally (for example, turn the pot on its side), after some time, re-direct the root of the plant down.The stem at the same time shows the opposite reaction and tends to grow upwards, in the direction "from" Earth's gravity.

Hemotropizm - the movement of plants in the direction they need chemicals.Thus, the roots need minerals and o
ther nutrients, and they spontaneously will move to where there are more.Because of this ability of roots granular fertilizer can be very effective, because the roots will direct growth toward the individual granules with nutrients, and increased concentration of fertilizer near the root will provide them with a better digestibility. uneven distribution of water causes gidrotropizm - the emergence of root bends in the direction of greater moisture.

What determines the location of the aerial shoots

Location stems and leaves depends on the lighting conditions.In poor lighting conditions the leaves can be displaced or leaf petioles bend toward the light.This feature is called phototropism. roots usually exhibit negative phototropism and are bent in the direction "from" too much light.

To increase the surface area of ​​photosynthetic leaf blades are perpendicular to the incident light.This small leaves, as a rule, try to fill the gaps between the large, to avoid unnecessary gaps and shadows of the foliage.In low light conditions it promotes the most efficient use of solar energy. for climbing and climbing plants are characterized by sensitivity to one-sided mechanical stress.

Opening and closing of flowers depends on the temperature, darkness and light.The flowers are usually disclosed warm and cold closed.Light affects different types of flowering plants in different ways: some of them are revealed in the light and closed at dusk, while others open at nightfall.Carnivorous pitcher plants (sundew, bladderwort) respond to mechanical stimulation.