Get any small luminous plastic toy.Best of all, if it is made of polypropylene.Despite the fact that radioactive such toys do not do, just in case, check it dosimeter.Also be sure that some time after the loss of illumination brightness of the light falls, and then he goes out and does as a toy again "charge" .Not to be confused with such toys chemical luminous tubes: they are disposable, and the light in them is not solid, andliquid.To use them for the manufacture of luminous paint is impossible.
Take the clippers and grind toy beads diameter of about five millimeters.Pour them in a jar whose walls are resistant to the solvent.
Take any non-toxic solvent.He must have the property of dissolving polypropylene.Pour the pellets in the bank this solven
t.Wait until they are completely dissolved in nem.Ne use any solvent near an open flame!
When dissolution is complete, pour the paint in a bottle with a tight screw cap.Materials bottles and caps must also be resistant to the solvent.
When the paint is required, take a small saucer, which is not used for cooking, and is made of a material resistant to the solvent.Pour in a little paint.Dip in paint brush or pen strikingness.Apply for inscription, figure, or, if necessary, paint the whole thing.An example of the pattern shown in the picture in the header of the article.
Allow the paint to dry.To charge it, use the light sources in the spectra which are dominated by blue tones.Red and infrared light not only charges the luminous paint , but even prevents this process.When a high-intensity light can even able to rapidly discharge ee.Na discotheques, where there are "soft" UV lamps with glass Wood, luminous paint will be charged and the world simultaneously.But in this mode, the phosphor wear out quickly.