On the turn of the millennium the environment has become a systematic science, which develops holistic philosophy of well-balanced development of human civilization.The purpose of this discipline is increasingly becoming not only a thorough study of the environment, but also the development of methods for its recovery.In an active attack on the nature of civilization is the direction in science becomes extremely significant.
feature of modern ecology is that of natural science, it is increasingly becoming a set of applied sciences, incorporates knowledge from physics, chemistry, geography, sociology and even economics.Pronounced soc
ial gradient, outlined recently, more unites ecology with social sciences and social philosophy.
Broadly modern ecology houses a few dozen lines of research and experimental development.Education, unfortunately not kept pace with the development of ecological knowledge.Professionals in the field of ecology has to improve their skills on their own, are not limited to standard training programs, the scope and quality of which are often unable to meet society's need for environmental education.
began as bioecology, environmental science by now has grown into a complex discipline, which became the basis for an environmental philosophy.Under the current ecology is not only the collection and systematization of biological and geographical knowledge, but also identify forward and backward linkages between natural processes and the results of their impact on social and economic activities.
In the center of ecology at the present stage of its development are as the relationship between the animate and inanimate nature, as well as the conscious activity of man, every day is changing the face of the planet and create for themselves a more comfortable environment.Investigating individual ecosystems in terms of their usefulness to humans, the environment tends to generate long-term strategy of relations between human beings and natural objects.
Knowledge gleaned from the environment, are widely used in almost all spheres of human activity: industry, agriculture and forestry, energy and military affairs.By the recommendations of environmental scientists are increasingly heeded leaders manufacturing industries who are interested in preserving the natural base for their business for the long term.In some countries the provisions of environmental philosophy are the basis for the adopted laws that are relevant to the environment.