reticulated python

reticulated python for a long time considered the longest snake on earth.This snake reaches a length of 10 meters.It is this record was entered into the Guinness Book of Records.Name reticulated python was due to the extraordinary brown-spotted brown color.

reticulated python in addition to the islands of Indonesia also lives in other parts of Southeast Asia.It is worth noting that the area of ​​its habitat predominantly located on the islands of the Sunda archipelago.Reticulated python eats small ungulates, reptiles and rodents.Often the snake attacks on domestic animals: pigs, goats, etc.

Since the reticulated python is not poisonous, as all members of the family, then he kills his victim, the soul of his body and wrapping her around the neck.Only the
n did he swallows prey.Cases where the reticulated python attack humans are extremely rare, despite the many horror stories.This snake is dangerous except for children, since it only attacks that able to swallow.

also reticulated python, as a rule, try to avoid close encounters with people, understanding that this is a serious danger threatens himself.


At the moment, the world's largest snake caught believe anaconda.This snake also belongs to the family boidae.Anaconda lives mainly in South America.

Externally anaconda as follows: gray-green with brown spots oval or round body color, the sides are lighter small spots with dark borders.This color provides excellent camouflage snake in the murky waters of different lakes and marshes.It was there that she was in the ground and lives.This gives her the opportunity to hunt the animals, which often come to drink.Anaconda also not averse to profit, and waterfowl.

not hesitate anaconda smaller caimans and their relatives.It is worth noting that the snake is not only a good swimmer, but it can be a long time under water.During this period, the anaconda nostril closed with special valves.

anaconda attacks on humans are extremely rare, for the same reason as the net boa.Often, it happens by mistake, when anaconda incorrectly determines the size of the upcoming production.

largest specimen has ever caught the man, reached 11.43 meters in length.She has also been entered in the Guinness Book of Records.According to these data, to date, it is recognized as the longest anaconda snake.