you need
  • - baking soda;
  • - laboratory glassware;
  • - siphon cartridges;
  • - extinguisher;
  • - safety glasses;
  • - gloves;
  • - tight package.
small amount of dry ice can be accessed using several chemical experiments.Get carbon dioxide.Take crystal soda.You can use plain drinking.Pour it into a flask.Pour in to the same solution of dilute hydrochloric or acetic acid.Close the flask with a rubber stopper with a tube.Take the tube into the water.Collect the bubbles rising in the tube.This is carbon dioxide.In industrial applications for carbon dioxide, it is now most commonly used monoethanolamine.
Liquid carbon dioxide - carbon dioxide is dissolved in water.
It is known to many as the soda without the syrup.This compound is extremely unstable.At room temperature liquid carbon dioxide, rapidly decomposed into water and carbon dioxide that is released as bubbles.You can observe it by taking regular household siphon and charge him a gas canister.She poured him a glass of soda, you will be able to observe the decomposition of carbon dioxide.Industrial production of liquid carbon dioxide dry ice is transported in special containers, where it is under a lot of pressure.
For dry ice is used, the liquid carbon dioxide under pressure.In the context of the school laboratory to receive this kind of pressure is not possible, so take a ready-made stuff.Is it, for example, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher types OU.Wear safety glasses and heavy gloves.Remove the seal and remove the safety pin.Take a tight bag and put it on the bell extinguisher.Press release lever and slightly pressurized carbon dioxide.She should get the sack.
Release the handle.Remove the bag and turn out.In it you will see a number of dry white substance resembling ice .This is dry ice .The compressed carbon dioxide during expansion absorbs a lot of heat.At the same time she is quenched.In industrial environments produce a dry granular ice or packed in blocks.For this purpose there is a special installation - palletizer and block makers.
In the industrial production of the carbon dioxide dry ice turns back into gas.The rest goes into the solid state.Its force is compacted and cooled.First forms a fairly loose substance, which is also called « dry snow."It is a kind of semi-finished product.His driven to the plant and compressed, resulting in turns dry ice .