Tectonic lakes

Most large lakes of tectonic origin.They occur in areas of tectonic fractures are usually very deep lakes have an elongated shape.At slow lowering the earth's crust arose basin of the Aral and Caspian seas, lakes.The deepest lake in the world Baikal was formed as a result of deep cracks.In similar tectonic faults formed North American Great Lakes.Another example is the hugest fault - is the East African Rift System, completed a chain of lakes.The most famous of them - Niassa, Albert, Tanganyika, Edward.The same system has the most low-lying lake - the Dead Sea.
volcanic lake

lake basins are the craters of extinct volcanoes.These lakes are found in the Japanese and the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka and the island of Java.Sometimes the lava and rock fragments block the rivers, and in this case, too, there is a volcanic lake.For example, Lake Kivu, on the border of Rwanda and Zaire.These bodies of water deep enough, but small in area.
Glacial Lake

Along with lake basins that were created by the internal processes of the Earth, there is a plurality of recesses formed by exogenous processes.The most common glacial lakes that filled the basin formed by the movement of glaciers.As a result of destructive activity of ancient glaciers formed Lake Karelia and Finland, numerous small lakes on the mountain slopes in the Alps, the Caucasus and Altai.These lakes are shallow, wide, with islands.
floodplain lakes

basins of these lakes have arisen in river valleys.These are the remnants of the old former course.Such elongated ponds, winding, small and shallow.
Lyman Lake

These lakes were formed as a result of separation from the sea parts of the rivers sandbars.They are elongated, shallow, common in the south of Ukraine.
Karst lake

in areas rich in limestone, dolomite, gypsum, as a result of the dissolution of the water breeds arose karst lake basin.These lakes are found in the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Urals.

Thermokarst lakes in the tundra and taiga in the areas of permafrost in the warm season and the soil melts sags forming a small recess.So there are thermokarst lakes.
Artificial lakes

lake basins can be created artificially.The most famous example of such lakes - reservoirs.Among the largest artificial reservoirs - Lake Mead in the United States, appeared after overlapping Colorado Dam and Lake Nasser, created by the damming of the Nile Valley.All these lakes serve HPP.Also, many of these reservoirs is used to provide water to the settlements.An example of artificial lakes are small and miniature park and garden lakes.