Before installing sonar need to choose a place of its attachment, based on the design of the boat and the supplied device bracket. sonar sensor must fully be in the water, parallel to its surface.If it is set obliquely, sonar readings be incorrect.
When driving speedboats often occurs at the bottom of the air leak.If air bubbles come to the emitter sonar , the unit starts to give false testimony.Therefore, choose to install the sensor space with the least amount of air bubbles.
on small boats and boat sonar sensor usually installed at the stern.The supplied mounting bracket can be very uncomfortable and sometimes too strong - when encountering an obstruction, the boat transom
can lose.If your bracket sonar exactly as substitute homemade, made of aluminum plate.The design of the bracket provides an opportunity to tilt on encountering an obstruction.
to get rid of problems with the transducer mounting fixture, consider pasting it into the body of the boat.This option is most suitable for fiberglass boats.Select the portion of the bottom parallel to the bottom of the reservoir, usually so it can be found near the keel.Inside the case, carefully remove the square, you need to install the sensor, all the layers of the hull structure, leaving only a thin outer shell.
Glue sensor on the epoxy resin, pressing it firmly to the inside of the outer shell of the hull.Allow the resin to grab, then pour epoxy all the space around the sensor.The thin outer shell of the body will not interfere with the sonar transducer .
Installation sonar a rubber boat special strength is not required, so the bracket can be mounted sonar even sewing "Velcro."However, to provide correct mounting bracket sonar on a reliable basis - for example, to the seat of the boat.Take the aluminum tube with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm. Flatten one end, drill a hole in it for fixing.Then, bend it at a right angle at about 3-5 cm from the edge.This end you will attach the tube to the seat of the boat, drilling a hole in it.
tube gently fold the tube so that it skirted the tank side of the boat and went steeply down.Cut it at about 10 cm above the water level.End flatten in a plane parallel to the board.Drill a hole in the flattened end.Here, on the screw and fasten the plate with sonar sensor .Conveniently clamping it through a rubber gasket - so that the insert sensor shifted by hand with little effort.Approaching the coast, you can always pick up the sonar sensor .