apply for the award of the President in the field of science and innovation can only persons whose age at the time of nomination does not exceed 35 years.Sama award consists of a diploma, badge of honor laureate and a certificate to it, as well as monetary compensation.

The documents include information about the person nominated for the award.You must specify his surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, place of birth, citizenship, contact phone numbers, place of employment and occupation.It is necessary to designate a degree, academic and honorary titles.If several applicants, must be specified for each of the above information.

then should draw up an executive sum
mary that briefly describes all the merits of the applicant in the research activities and its contribution to the development of science and innovation.Resumes must be the final word about what exactly should be awarded this prize.

The following describes the information sheet on the availability of prizes, awards, other awards, which testify to the recognition of the scientific work of the applicant.It can be both domestic and international awards.Signed by the representation of a person or group of persons nominated for the award.

to representations made by various documents confirming the applicant's authorship of technical developments, scientific publications and other achievements, for which the author is put forward for the award of the President.At the end of document necessarily written list of attached materials.

Documents drawn up in duplicate, must be personally submitted to the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Science, Technology and Education, located at the address: Moscow, Old Square, d. 4, 103132. If for any reason they can not be transferredpersonally, you can send documents by mail or through another person having it notarized right.