Look at the shape of the galaxy.Perhaps it reminds you of any animal or object.If so - call galaxy this subject.This name can be translated into Latin, Greek or English that sounded beautiful and mysterious.
Call galaxy in honor of the great scientists, explorers and other prominent figures of science and art (for example, the Magellanic Clouds).You can name the galaxy after your mentor, who has given you an important head start in life, and you would like to express its gratitude to him in this way.Or you can call the galaxy after the traveler adventure you read to a child and whom admire to this day.
If you have a loved one, call the galaxy its name.Now to the request "Give me a star
" you can always say, "I give you the entire galaxy!" And your lover will be very pleased.In addition, some scholars called entomologists open insect species names of their wives and they are happy that their husbands decide to immortalize their names in this way.
Give the name of the Greek goddess of the galaxy.Pantheon goddesses was quite large, and every reader of Greek myths have a favorite character of these legends.Grandeur and scale of the galaxy would be a good match the name of a proud, beautiful and powerful goddess.
You can always call the galaxy name of its discoverer, that is yours.At the same time you will gain wide popularity around the world.Also, you will be grateful to thousands of students when they learned of astronomy will be asking "who discovered galaxy Ivanova?ยป