to woody plants include trees, shrubs and bushes.Trees have a well-developed main trunk covered with wood.At a considerable distance from the surface of the branches of the stem is formed krona, which allows the tree to capture light effectively.We are the main trunk of dormant buds, which can be formed from the trunks in the event of major damage.The life expectancy of some trees can reach a thousand years, and its height - one hundred meters.
distinctive feature of shrubs - the presence of several woody stems.In the first years of life there is still a main trunk, but when activated dormant buds.Lifespan shrub rarely reaches a hundred years, averaging around 15. shrubs main axis almost not expressed, it is replaced by lateral axes.The result is a set of bra
nching skeletal axes.During the life of the plant, these axes are constantly replaced.The height of shrubs reach a maximum of half a meter, life expectancy - 10 years.
poludrevesnyh Among the plants can be distinguished shrubs and shrubs.Its characteristics are close to those woody plants, but a large part of the shoot is grass, and then dies.The result is a woody skeleton which acquires new shoots.Poludrevesnye grow mainly in arid areas.
herbs are ground and water.To include terrestrial and polycarpic monocarpic grass.Polycarpic perennial grasses, in their bodies, or the stem roots have specialized kidneys.From these buds the formation of new shoots, life of not less than one year.Polycarpic grass can bloom repeatedly, unlike monocarpic.Monocarpic are perennial, but after flowering and fruiting die.They lack the ability to renewal.
By Water grasses are amphibians, floating and underwater grass.Amphibians are able to form and ground, and the aqueous form.They often have a mix of land and water bodies.They can exist comfortably in marshland and transfer brief drought.Floating and underwater grasses grow only in water.They attach to the bottom, positioned freely in the interior or on the surface of water.