Crown sovereign

There is a very well-known legend about the emperor crown Hieron, some historians call it the crown of sacrifice.It is known that the emperor asked Archimedes to calculate, was not it be goldsmith deceiver, he spent all the gold on the crown or something kidnapped himself.In those days it was a very difficult task and a great scholar took a lot of time and fortune to unravel the mystery.One day, he took a bath.When he fell into it, he did not notice that she was too full, and a certain amount of water poured out of the bath, after which Archimedes shouted "Eureka!".This word is translated from Greek means "found".The Greek philosopher and really found a solution, because today every child knows that the immer
sion of an element in a vessel filled with water, the volume of displaced water is equal to the volume shipped items.

With this conjecture Archimedes helped the Greek king liar jeweler to identify and find out the truth.Since the goldsmith was given a bar of gold, then he was placed in a pot full of water, and then conducted the same experiment with a crown and it turned out that the water poured out a different number.Thanks to this discovery as a result there is a whole science - hydraulics.The same opening Archimedes explains why the balloon with a lighter gas than the air may rise up why the steel ball sinks, and the tree is not.

Other experiments Archimedes

is known that Archimedes invented the screw pump, which is a very long time served in the mines and in various devices for pumping water.This pump is said Kohli.The principle of operation is that the hollow tube is placed in a screw with large blades, the tube is necessarily tilted.Then with the help of manpower screw spiral and water on the blades of the wells flagged up.

Oddly enough, the first, most primitive lever classified and allocated too Archimedes.Everyone is familiar with his famous phrase: "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world."Levers by great scientists, were the most productive at a time.A large number of his research and achievements have come to us from other philosophers.Like many other scientists of the time, he rarely wrote down his thoughts or his lyrics are lost in time.

Saying that he had other ideas, allow military development, which, as we know from history, allowed to resist a very long time before the Romans still managed to take Syracuse.