you need
  • screwdriver indicator, the knife, the phase indicator, pliers, Ring spanners 14 and 17 (you can use carob 14h17), a warning poster "Do not include! Work on the line" if necessary tips for lining stranded wires.
Before you start you need to disconnect the Switchboard, which will be carried out the work.Knife switches on to post a warning poster.To verify the absence of voltage indicator to use a screwdriver.Just touch the tip of a screwdriver to all contacts, the index finger when it is necessary to touch the contacts on the handle.
Once we verify there is no voltage, undertake the preparation of the cable plug.To do this, carefully remove the knife upper insulation of the cable over a distance that allows easy manipulation
of the cable in the shield when connected.The next step will prepare the cable wire.The same knife remove the insulation from the wires.pliers (Round) prepare contacts (ends of the wire bends as circles).Keys unscrew the clips in our shield and connect the cable.When connecting pay attention that the cable has three conductors of the cross section, and the fourth - less.It is used as a zero and is connected primarily to the neutral bus.When connecting a cable, stranded wire is used for the manufacture of contact tips.
When connecting the load at the other end of the cable using the phase indicator, which defines the direct phase sequence (ABC).Upon completion of the mounting robot removed the warning poster and connect 380 V