for admission to long, medium or short wave good outdoor antenna.It is a lead up to a few tens of meters, suspended at a height of about twenty meters.Such a structure is rational only build in the countryside.Outdoor antenna must always be equipped grozopereklyuchatelem and grounded during a storm.Operating it without grounding and grozopereklyuchatelya not allowed.
In the city, as well as lack of desire to establish grozopereklyuchatel, to receive the same range, you can use an indoor antenna.This is - a piece of wire several meters long, laid on the ceiling, and if you do not live on the ground floor - even on the floor.Grounding of the receiver in the application of such an antenna is
not necessary.
loop antenna for receiving short-wave consists of a square loop of wire with a side of one meter.This round plug variable capacitor to adjust the upper limit of about 350 pF.One of the conclusions of this capacitor, connect to the antenna input of the receiver.
Admission to the ultra-short waves on any receiver other than the automobile, can be improved by using an antenna length of about two meters.To do this, take a piece of wire the appropriate length, and one of its ends solder clamp.This clip put on the telescopic antenna receiver.
Car normally capable of receiving stations in two ranges: medium and VHF.In order to increase its sensitivity, it is necessary to use a special antenna, which has a built-in amplifier.Note that under the guise of such amplifiers are often sold empty boxes in which only type LED lights.In order not to run into a fake, buy them in the audited areas.
TV antenna to improve reception supply amplifiers that are placed in close proximity to them.You can buy an antenna, in which the amplifier is already there, but you can buy the device for the existing antenna.
Meals served on him not on a separate thread, and on the same cable, which is connected to a TV antenna.The amplifier has a branching device, consisting of a choke coil, through which it is powered, and a capacitor in which a cable signal is input.The same has a splitter and a special antenna plug that came with the device.Usually attached to it and the power supply, pre-attached to this schtekeru.But coax the desired length will have to be purchased separately and pave the TV to an antenna with an amplifier yourself, guided instruction to the device.
to cell phone worked better than, say, in the metal construction trailer, set on the roof of his small TV antenna without any amplifier.Cable from her perform in a window of the trailer, Unsolder away the plug and instead soldered to the central core piece of wire length of eight centimeters.Use the phone by holding it next to that piece of wire.