reasons blooms

There is in Russia, usually in late July - early August.Algal blooms caused by excess nutrients in the water, particularly phosphorus.The high concentration of phosphates causes the growth and reproduction of the smallest abundant unicellular algae.Moving green and blue-green algae (group Volvocineae and Cyanophyceae) stained water in a bright or dark green, yellow-green and blue-green color.A group of algae Porphyridium cruentum Naegeli can give water an eerie blood-red color.However, this happens with small rain puddles - in larger bodies of water, this pigment is hard to discern.

algal blooms are usually characteristic of freshwater - lakes, oxbows, filled with large ditches and pools where the water is stagnant.Sometimes the phenomenon of alg
al blooms observed in the bays and inlets with salted water.

The longer and more intense, the process of algal bloom, the pond is less dissolved oxygen.This often leads to the formation of zones of Zamora, where many aquatic insects and fish begin to die en masse.In addition, neurotoxins, which in the process gidrotsenoza produce some types of algae are poison, and in large quantities pose a serious threat to the wildlife reservoir.

Flowering aquarium water

If you put a jar with normal tap water to the window, well illuminated by the sun during the day, then a 1.5 - 2 weeks the water in it turns green.In the aquarium, in addition to fish and other premises in a slum, there are micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria, which are involved in biological balance.They hinder the development of putrefactive bacteria, recycling uneaten food and fish allocation.Despite this, if you do not interfere with the natural biological process, the water in the aquarium also bloom.And this can happen and the middle of winter.Causes of algal blooms in the aquarium can be an excess of illumination and overfeeding inhabitants, causing the bacteria do not have time to recycle leftover food.The consequences affect the well-being of fish and other inhabitants.

To prevent flowering, you need prodelyvat every 2 weeks to change 1/5 of the water volume for fresh and collect deposits from the putrid soil.And the larger the tank, the less you want to perform these procedures.