Despite the many advantages of synthetics in modern production is used as synthetic and natural polymers.Both have a complex chemical structure.Natural compounds are actively used in the national economy (eg, rosin).Most polymers are analogues, produced earlier only naturally (eg, synthetic rubber).

Separation of natural polymers

There are separate large groups of similar compounds.Polymers they differ in their properties and form.The first major sector - a polysaccharide, the second - polypeptides and proteins.Among the polysaccharides in the first place is called the DNA and RNA, provide storage of genetic information, the functioning of the organism, its internal and external structure.The natural polymers include polysaccharides groups as starch, cellulose and ch

A second group - proteins (proteins) and polypeptides.On the basis of proteins takes human and animal, a kind of "building blocks" of the body.It served as the prototype of a protein to create an artificial connection - polyamide (plastic).

polypeptides include enzymes allocated.They are a great many, and each type is responsible for a separate process in the body.It catalysts that trigger change, destruction and development of new molecules.Another striking example of natural polymers from the group of polypeptides - silk.

artificial polymers

Plastic and nylon - artificial polymers.Natural plastic does not exist, but their basis taking natural compounds derived from petroleum.With the advent of new polymers, simplify many production processes, there were materials that exceed the characteristics of natural analogues.Before the invention of synthetic textile industry used natural polymers such as cotton, jute, wool.Now easily create synthetic fibers with the necessary properties (strength, impermeability, etc.).

ability to produce synthetic polymers ushered in a new era: began to appear lighter and yet stronger materials not subject to corrosion and rot.It was invented amazing in their characteristics and insulation shumoizolyatory.Widespread the like in construction, and even different sites in the food industry.

However, the strength of plastics and similar materials exacerbate the problem of environmental pollution as well as producing it are generally poisonous, but the compound itself may be in the ground, without breaking up, hundreds of years.In connection with this, a lot of time was spent on creating biodegradable plastics, although widespread popularity they have not gained.