trade in pepper called quite a number of other spices that are in the genus of peppers also have nothing.This, for example, allspice and psevdopertsy called ksilopiyami.These peppers can only be considered belonging to the genus of peppers pepper family.They look like small shrubs scansorial, their inflorescences resemble bunches of grapes on each cluster can fit 30 to 50 smaller drupes in the form of a ball.As a spice used are 5-6 species growing mainly in South Asia.The color of the product spices divided into white, gray, brown and black pepper.
Capsicum or red peppers, peppers are also considered, but belong to the nightshade family along with potatoes and tomatoes.As a spice ubiquitous following its forms: Peppers, still sometimes known as a sharp, burning, chili, paprika, Mexican or Spanish.It is an annual plant cultivated, giving the fr
uit in the form of pods.Cayenne pepper is known officially as Capsicum fastigiatum Bl.or Capsicum frutescens, but it is called the pepper, Indian or Brazilian.Its fruits are small and light orange, but he is more pungent than chilli and can even cause severe burns to the skin.The aroma of other Capsicum is very weak, and cayenne pepper is very strong smell in the form of a hammer.Bird pepper or small peppers also belongs to the genus Capsicum.This moderate pungency pods that are used as a spice for ready meals, often referred to as a dining pepper.It is used worldwide as a top dressing for the birds, since it contains substances increase egg production and improve the color of the pen.
spice that can replace a real pepper and so often confused with it, is called a false pepper, psevdoperets, ksilopiya, brazilnik.This plant belongs to the family anonovyh of this family are used as a substitute for pepper two of its representative.The first of them - is Kumba, or Moorish pepper, this shrub grows in West Africa.As a spice used its seeds, which taste really similar to pepper flavor and pungency.This spice is exported to many European countries, and the taste can be only partly in Spain, but in West Africa and North Africa, it is used frequently.The second is called the Negro pepper spice or guinea pepper.A native of North Africa, this tree is removed and cultivated in the West Indies and South America.All these plants are called in the trade of allspice, although the relationship to these peppers are not.