Riddles lightning

Surprisingly, even an ordinary lightning still conceals many mysteries.Express photographing lightning showed that lightning hit it out of the cloud to the ground, as it may seem, on the contrary - a primary discharge is from the earth, forming an ion channel, which had already passed the main charge.

well known that lightning usually strikes the tall objects, based on this principle all the lightning rods.But sometimes lightning can strike in ravines and lowlands, ignoring growing next to tall trees.Of course, there are hypotheses that explain such behavior of lightning in specific cases, however, a single coherent theory is not developed yet.

even more puzzling is the fireballs.On the one hand, seems
to be their nature can be explained in terms of physics, the scientists were even able to get the artificial ball lightning in the laboratory.However, the duration of their life is very low, while the nature of ball lightning can be tens of seconds.

conceals many mysteries, and the behavior of ball lightning.Sometimes they move against the wind, sometimes it seems that the fireballs are endowed with reason - there is so focused their movement.Reported case when a fireball more than two meters in diameter, if it really was a fireball, dragging on for several kilometers a train, saving him a portion of the fuel.

Crop Circles

Crop Circles are one of the most mysterious phenomena, the nature of which has not yet been able to explain.Unknown impact puts the stalks of crops, forming beautiful geometric shapes.Their designs are so varied and perfect, many researchers believe that the emergence of community feedback alien life forms.

interesting that experts easily distinguish genuine crop circles on their fakes.In these circles, the stems get specific damage that can not be reproduced by other means - for example, manual laying ears, attempts to squeeze their feet or with a variety of machine tools.

addition to the version of the extraterrestrial nature of the forces acting on the ears, put forward other hypotheses.Someone thinks that knocks the wind ears, looks more plausible version of their damage is formed in the ground or air infrasound waves.Scientists have many other versions, but so far none of them has been able to convincingly explain the diversity, beauty and rigorous geometrical precision formed in the fields of community.

There are many other events that have not yet found a clear explanation.These include rotating glowing circles in the ocean, puzzles tornadoes - they sometimes carry multi-ton loads, leaving intact nearby, in a few meters, the fragile construction.Sometimes people encounter disruption time they see strange animals.These and other mysterious phenomena are still waiting for their researchers.