What awaits the planet in the future

Future Earth is largely due to the processes taking place inside the sun.Some scientists believe that this red-hot fireball over several billion years to cool down, which will affect the planet closest to the sun.Eventually bowels of the earth to cool down so that the movement of continental surfaces stops.Mountain building, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions also suspended.

changes in the external terrain of the planet will occur mainly due to weathering, which eventually smooth out any unevenness of the crust.The remaining elements of the landscape then slowly disappear under the water surface.Leveling the surface would lead to a radical change in shape of the e
arth, so familiar to modern humanity.

is difficult to predict exactly what will be the annual average temperature on the planet.If it cools the sun goes down, the Earth's surface will slowly covered with ice, the oceans would freeze.But for some time it may increase the luminosity of the sun, which will inevitably lead to evaporation of water and exposure of the surface.

prospects for life on Earth

make forecasts of the Earth, researchers are increasingly turning their attention to the central luminary of the solar system.The researchers found that at the core of the Sun gradually accumulated waste helium.Continuation of this process is about 1 billion years will increase the luminosity of the star is about 10%.Following this should expand the area in which it is possible dwelling beings.Favorable conditions for life will move far beyond the Earth's orbit.

When the temperature near the surface of the planet will increase, it will be possible enhanced circulation in the atmosphere of carbon dioxide.It decreases the amount that could lead to the disappearance of vegetation.After a few million years, it will cause a reduction of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere, so necessary for the existence of living organisms.

3 billion years later, the brightness of the central light can be increased by almost half.Most likely, by the time the climate on Earth will be comparable with those that now exist on Venus.Even optimistic researchers doubt that with the possible existence of biological life.Mankind, if it is the time to continue, will certainly want to look for a different environment, moving to the outer solar system or even leaving the solar neighborhood in search of better places.