in swampy areas of southern Florida in the United States lives the rarest subspecies of cougar - Florida Panther.It is a large cat with dark red color and unusual curved tail.Total Florida home to several dozen representatives of subspecies, because of drainage bolt, hunting and a poor genetic material cougar extinct.Some scientists believe that today there are no more than fifteen individuals.View is on the verge of extinction and has the status of "critically ill."
Chinese river dolphins, too, there are very few, presumably about thirty individuals.These amazing mammals adapted to life in freshwater, are found only in China's Yangtze River.For a long time they lived in the great river, no natur
al enemies in the nature of these dolphins there.That human activity has led to the extinction of this species: build dams on the river and plants, which is why the numerical river dolphin has declined so much that even today scientists are not sure whether to stay alive at least one individual.
On the island of Java and nearby Indonesian islands inhabited Javanese rhinos, but only about 30 individuals, so rarely possible to detect them.This powerful horned animal previously lived throughout Indonesia, India and China, but soon, perhaps, the kind of die out completely.
Golden Tigers - this is not a separate species of animals, and a variety of conventional tiger with a recessive golden color.It is very rare cat in the world there are about 30 tigers with golden skin.Most live in zoos and as usual gold tigers in nature is unknown.
Slightly larger specimens belong to mind the Far Eastern leopard, another feline that previously were carried out throughout the territory of Primorsky Krai and well lived in the harsh winters and hot summers.Leopards started to destroy for the sake of the beautiful skins, and today there are about 40 predators.
Red wolf - one of the rarest animals in the United States, this species survived the representatives of only one subspecies.Small graceful Wolves almost completely wiped out by hunters.Their exact number is not known, at the beginning of the XXI century, there were about 300 wolves, today they can be much smaller.
rarely consider the form of the Philippine crocodile, the cold-blooded predators now reside only in the Philippine Islands and quickly die out due to poaching.About 200 individuals of this species exist in nature, but that number is declining rapidly.