The school labs for chemistry mainly held during (or after) an explanation of the new mother.Therefore, the results of experiments are usually described in the workbook.But if this is the final reference for the study section or topic, the students performed it on their own, and the report is stored in a special notebook for the practical exercises.Although the requirements for the design of laboratory work are presented the same.
Depart from previous work three or four cells, and write down the date of the laboratory work.Below, specify its number.And then, each new line, write the subject, indicate target practical work perechistite used equipment and reagents.In the next line, write the heading "Progress", after which allow phased description of the experiment.
Himself report on labo
ratory work recommended concise.Although the form it can be arbitrary - you choose.Be sure to refer to the experience of his observations of it.Write the equation of chemical reactions, confirming the progress of the experiment, as well as formulas, the names of all of the reactants and reaction products.Do not forget to specify the conditions under which these reactions occur.
In laboratory studies on the chemistry often required to fill in the table, make a drawing or sketch of the equipment of the experiment.
Draw a table full width of notebook sheet.Then, carefully and accurately complete all required fields.
illustrations done in pencil on the left side of the page tetrad and captions make straight down.
If you make a drawing of the device model, the label on it all the component parts of the equipment.Number them, and the name issue in the form of footnotes below the image.
At the end of the lab specify and record the output, which is made on the basis of a set of practical tasks goals.