considered the most stable oxidation state of the silver one, but there are also 2 and 3.Silver has the highest electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and these impurities degrade the properties.
There are about 60 minerals containing silver.They are divided into 6 groups: simple silver sulphide (argentite, acanthite), sulfates, and halides (cerargyrite and argentoyarozit), native silver and alloys of gold and copper, tellurides and selenides (Hesse, Naumann, evkayrit and others), antimonides arsenide(dyscrasite) complex sulfides or thiosalts (pyrargyrite, Proust, polibazit).
All mineral deposits of silver can be divided into two groups - the ore in which it exceeds 50%, and complex ores of heavy and non-ferrous
metals, where silver has less than 15%.
Silver - soft and ductile metal, it is diamagnetic, and its magnetic susceptibility is independent of temperature.Silver is highly reflective in the infrared range reflected beams is about 98% and in the visible range - 95%.
Of all the precious metals silver has the highest reactivity, but it is small chemically active, easily displaced from their more active compounds of metals.
silver does not react with oxygen at ambient temperature but when heated to 170 ° C is covered with an oxide film.In the presence of moisture, ozone oxidizes it to higher oxides, and the interaction of the heated metal with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the presence of oxygen, is formed of silver sulfide.
Silver dissolves readily in dilute or concentrated nitric acid, resulting in the formation of silver nitrate, when heated in concentrated sulfuric acid - sulphate.Halogens and concentrated hydrohalic acid slowly react with metallic silver in the presence of moisture, forming halides.
In the presence of oxygen reacts with the silver cyanide solution of alkali metals, resulting in formation of complex cyanides.Organic acids and molten alkali metal do not affect the silver.
in the form of alloys with other metals silver is used to make solder, contacts, conductive layers and elements of the relay devices in electrical engineering.Silver is used for the production of film and photographic materials, alloys with copper and gold used in dental prosthetics, as it is made batteries high energy batteries for aerospace and defense equipment.