All mushrooms are combined into clans, which are divided into types.A species in turn are divided into sub-species or families, which can be classified by the following parameters:

• Under the terms of growing.
• On the internal structure of spore-bearing layer.
• According to the structure and external characteristics.
• As nutritional and taste qualities, usefulness.
• By the ability to produce fruit at different times of the year.
• Preparation process of nutrients from the environment.

mushroom species

In determining such thing as a kind of mushroom, can be divided into wild and cultivated.All wild mushrooms can be divided into three categories: edible, conditionally edible and poisonous.All culti
vated mushrooms are edible, for example, these include mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

Useful properties of wild mushrooms

Valuable properties of wild mushrooms should include the presence of carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts, phosphorus, vitamin A and B that are useful for the brain cells and bone tissue.And the content of phosphorus fungi take place three times after seafood.Mushroom

protein (mikoprotein) structurally close to the meat, but its assimilation in the body is much slower because it is enclosed in a shell that does not penetrate through the digestive enzymes.For this reason it is not recommended to include mushrooms in your diet more than four times a week.

most nutritious considered porcini mushrooms.They contain not only the protein but also lecithin, sulfur, polysaccharides, ergothioneine.White mushrooms contribute to the overall tone of the body,

Useful properties of cultivated mushrooms

The mushrooms contain 20 amino acids, some of which are essential for human body acid: tsestein, cystine, tryptophan, methionine, threonine, phenylalanine and lysine.It is believed that eating mushroom reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and the risk of heart attack.In folk medicine, mushrooms are also used to lower cholesterol in the blood.

the content of vitamin groups A, B and PP oyster do not concede a lot of fruits and lettuce.Regular consumption of oyster mushrooms (two to four times a week) helps to suppress the development of tumors and reduce cholesterol levels.This oyster mushroom is a low-calorie high-protein, it can be used with a diet for weight loss, to compensate for the lack of protein in the body.