versatility synergetic approach

actively develop new field of science - chaos theory, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, catastrophe theory, the theory of autopoiesis, nonlinear mathematical analysis - provided the basis for drawing up a fundamentally new scientific paradigm, synergetic.Synergetics in a general sense - is the science of self-organizing systems.Thus, a new scientific paradigm forms the principles of self-organization of complex systems.Evolving natural systems, culture, social process, the development of science, education and creative thinking - all these structures, which can apply the principles of synergy.Thus, a synergistic approach is universal - have significant methodological and heuristic potential, it covers all areas of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.Synergetics is a non-classical
science.Thanks to her vision of reality has changed significantly.There are new methods of natural science, and the traditional categories (evolution linearity-nonlinearity, randomness, integrity, etc.) have been redefined.

difference from classical science

Classical science in comparison with the synergy of a different inertia.It studies the only closed system.The processes in these systems always tend toward equilibrium with the highest entropy (chaos specific indicator).
nonclassical science studies nonlinear environment and open systems.According to research in the nonequilibrium dynamics of processes in opposite directions - the trend of the nonlinear medium may lead to out of the chaos of new forms and structures.

potential nonequilibrium medium and the direction of its evolution are able to identify emerging new structures rather than on the basis of pre-existing concepts, but also as to the future.Thus, self-organizing systems in unity with the environment determine the predictive capability of evolutionary trends.On the other hand, comes understanding of some restrictions on building such systems.The principles of synergetic methodology gives an entirely new, universal paradigm, which allows scientists to explore the objects in a new way.Experts in the field of natural science, culture, education and other activities are capable of a lot of new discoveries through synergy.